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Mason's Prognosis

The prognosis for ALL patients is very good relative to other types of cancer.  With the current regiments and chemotherapy, ALL patients have an 85%-90% cure rate.

Mason's response to the the treatments have been excellent.  The hardest part of the treatments are the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.  Often times, he must take 3 medicines to prevent the side effects of one chemotherapy drug.

Currently he suffers from severe irritability, constipation, and stomach problems.  All of these are side effects of one or more chemotherapy drugs.

Mason has also suffered compression fractures on his lower vertebrae.  These fractures are most likely caused by the leukemia weakening the bones, but more tests on 12.Mar.03 should give the doctors more information about the status of bones.  He is currently wearing a form fitting brace around his torso to support his back and heal the fractures.


Mason will undergo 3 years of treatment for ALL.  Each of treatment for the first 8 months is split up into phases that range from 28 to 49 days in duration.  Phases alternate between harsh and easy to allow his body to recuperate.